Last Updated on Sunday, 3 January 2016 01:36 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 3 January 2016 01:36

December was quiet on The Heights up until Christmas but has been busy since. The new year was excellent as usual in Tenerife, lots of partying and great firework displays that just seem to get bigger each new year. Everyone I have spoken to has had a good time.

The weather has been the best I can remember it ever being over Christmas  and it is still continuing with high temperatures and sunshine every day.

We have had very few noise complaints over the holiday period which I am happy about and hopefully this will continue into the new year, it makes a much nicer  complex for everyone.

We still have problems with dogs and one in paticular on C1 where the owner allows the dog to urinate on the community areas resulting in our cleaning staff to deal with it, this is unacceptable and we intend to take action to try and remedy this problem.

Another complaint I have recieved from a number of owners, is that over the holiday periods certain people, many of who are owners, totally ignore the pool rules and many of the community rules. Every holiday period I am talking to people about inflatables in the pool, blocking open the gates to the pool with beer mats from the bar and towels over the balcony. I seem unable to make these people understand that the first two are safety conditions of our pool licence, which we have to have because we are a residential complex.  Our pool licence could be taken away from us  any time the authorities find these failures in safety, which would mean the pool being closed. This would be unfair to the 99.9% of owners who do adhere to the terms of our licence. If you see somebody breaking these rules, you as an owner are within your rights to remonstrate with them.

Work will start this next week on a drainage problem on block D, hopefully the work will not be too disruptive  and the noise will be kept to a minimum.

People are now getting used to the complex being locked and it has been favourably commented on by many owners. There are still 9 owners who have not yet collected keys.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy new year and look forward to seeing you soon.


November 2014

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 December 2015 09:20 Written by Paul Tassell Thursday, 3 December 2015 09:14

NOVEMBER  saw the locking of the front gate and post area, all has gone well and I only have 18 apartments

that have still not collected their keys, residents are now getting used to it and we have had a lot of good

feedback.  Please remember if you have guests coming to your apartment it is your responsibility  to make

sure they have keys to access the complex.

We have replaced the lights in our christmas decorations and made a few more, José has been putting them

up this week and they are looking really good this year, we will now try to improve each year.

The complex is reasonably quiet at the moment but will be busier later in the month for the Christmas

break, we look forward to seeing you over the Christmas period but if you are not coming to Tenerife this year I would liketo take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Last Updated on Monday, 9 November 2015 04:25 Written by Paul Tassell Monday, 9 November 2015 04:25

The weather has been a little bit unpredictable, but now our old friend the sun is back again.

Also back again are a lot of our owners who like to spend the winter here rather than cold winters in their native  countries.

Both the post box gate and the gate at the main entrance are now locked, over the last few months we have been asking owners and tenants to collect their keys, many have now done so. At this point there are still over 40 people who have not collected their keys but we could not delay this any longer. If you are an owner who is not in Tenerife at the moment please contact either myself or Universal Properties before you arrive so we can arrange to help you gain access to the complex.

There is a button release on the wall near the gates to exit but you will need your key to gain access when you return.

The nights are now a little cooler and so the heating has been turned on for the pool.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 October 2015 09:30 Written by Paul Tassell Tuesday, 13 October 2015 09:30


The weather was very good and the complex has returned to normal, there are still a lot of people about but the complex is much quieter.

I am late with this blog  haveing spent some time back in England.

Jos’e and Matilda are back from their well earned vaccation on Gomera and Yanira is now away on her break.

Front Gates

The work on the front gate and post box gate is now nearly complete and we will lock the post area in the next few weeks followed by the main entrance at the beginning of November.

A lot of owners have now collected their keys, if you still haven’t please come to me any morning between 10 and 11 with all your up to date details ie, phone number, email and home address.

The gates will be locked day and night



Last Updated on Sunday, 6 September 2015 04:24 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 6 September 2015 04:24

August is now at an end and the many owners and their friends who holiday here are now returning to their home countries.

This year the summer has not  been quite as problematic as in other years, we still had the usual litter and drinks cans left around the complex and under sunbeds, and children being allowed to collect stones from the plant pots to scatter all over the solarium, why? as it shows a complete lack of respect for the cleaning staff who work hard all year round.

Two of the more astonishing incidents that did occur were one, when the guest of an owner used threatening behaviour to a member of staff because they could not find some belongings they had left lying around the complex the day before!!

The second was not only unbelieveable but incredibly dangerous, a guest of an owner on D block started to pour buckets of water on to workman on the balcony below, the workman were using power tools at the time!! When the workman went up to speak to the lady and explain how dangerous her actions were she carried on encouraging her 2 children to continue filling more buckets. This lady was very lucky that no harm came to the workmen and that in the end they decided not to go to the police and take out  a denuncia against her. Absolutely unbelievable behaviour .

A small problem that has arisen this summer has been that some small children have had problems with grazed toes. After draining the small pool and checking it thoroughly the concensus of opinion is that as childrens feet have softer skin and they are in the water for long periods of time and the floor gets very hot at this time of year, these factors combined mean that they are susceptible to  grazing their toes on the anti slip tiles surrounding the pools, this is upsetting for the children so we are suggesting that pool shoes for small children would be a good idea.

Just a reminder to you all that I now have security keys for the post box and main gate and that they will be locked from October and November respectively. If you are coming out soon or are here already please come and see me by the pool between 10 and 11 am remembering to bring your up to date details with you.



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