September 2016

Last Updated on Friday, 14 October 2016 03:52 Written by Paul Tassell Friday, 14 October 2016 03:52

The  weather has been fantastic all month with above average temperatures throughout.

Not a lot is happening on the complex at the moment, but the Wifi instalation is proving to be very popular in the apartments,

the speed is good and so far we have had no complaints.

Lighting   The electritions have finished block A and B and now the lights in the walkways only come on when you approach thus making a huge saving in electricity charges, these blocks are working well and work will start on C and D within a few weeks.

Many of the pool area blinds are now in need of repair and as they have all faded and it is not possible to match the material anymore we have decided to order blinds for the whole area.

We are still experiencing problems with dogs and rubbish in garage spaces and so we will soon be taking denuncias out on persistent offenders.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Hope to see you later in the year  Paul


Last Updated on Wednesday, 7 September 2016 05:30 Written by Paul Tassell Wednesday, 7 September 2016 05:30

August was a brilliant month for the weather in fact some said it was too hot!

The complex was reasonably quiet for the time of year. The pool table and  drinks/snacks vending machine are both being used and are going some way to replacing the lost income from the tile rental from the bar.

The pool bar seems to be proving difficult to let, the people who were very interested in it seem to have pulled out. It is our understanding that this is a paperwork issue.

INTERNET We now have 20 plus apartments connected to the new internet system and it is running very well, we have many enquiries from other owners and I am sure this number will grow very quickly. At the moment it is only taking a few days to arrange installation to aprtments. Anyone interested should contact me or Universal Properties. The cost of installation is 275 euros per apartment.

José and Matilda have been on their annual vacations and will be back next week.




Last Updated on Sunday, 7 August 2016 07:01 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 7 August 2016 07:01

As expected for the summer months we have really beautiful weather, very hot and sunny.

At the beginning of July Yanira gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, weighing 3.8 Kilos. The baby has been named Zoe, and we offer Yanira and her partner Martin many congratulations. Also congratulations to José and Matilda who have been very excited at the prospect of becoming grandparents.

In the next few weeks we will be installing an internet system which will enable us to offer internet to individual apartments. If  you would like the system in your apartment it will cost €275 for the initial installation, but then there will be no further cost or monthly fees.

Please get in touch if you would like further details, if you are tied into a contract you will still be able to join the system when your contract expires.

It is our understanding that new tenants have been found to take on the pool bar, but as yet it is not open, possibly paperwork  holdups.

In the meantime we have installed a pool table and vending machine selling snacks and drinks in the pool area for people to  use.

The sunbeds are busier but not as busy as in previous years. The complex as a whole is quiet for the time of year and so far we haven´t encountered too many problems. All we ask is that owners and their friends respect the community rules and our complex.



Last Updated on Monday, 11 July 2016 02:40 Written by Paul Tassell Monday, 11 July 2016 02:40

As expected the weather is very good and warming up nicely.

Pool Bar

The pool bar is still closed at present and so we are making enquiries about installing vending machines for drinks and snacks, and a pool table in the area around the pool, hopefully this will happen later this week.

Summer Period

To all owners who come to the Heights for their summer break please remember the complex rules ie:no inflatables in the pool  area and no children under 12 in the pool area without an ADULT no towels etc over balcony  walls, and keep noise to a minimum especially after 11pm. If everybody respects these rules the complex will run smoothly and will be more enjoyable for all owners


If you have a noise problem at night please call security on (0034)671146616   they may not know there is a problem as they may be on a different part of the complex. If for any reason you are not happy with the response of security come and talk to me between 10 and 11  in the morning by the pool

Enjoy your summer and keep safe especially in the pool  area


MAY 2016

Last Updated on Friday, 10 June 2016 03:59 Written by Paul Tassell Friday, 10 June 2016 03:59

The A.G.M went well and the minutes will be ready to send out after being written and translated into the various languages.

Most of you will recieve them via email but when the convening notices went out some owners found them in their junk mail

so if you have not  recieved them by the end of next week please let us know.


POOL BAR  You will notice when you receive the minutes that I made a statement about the Pool Bar, this was regarding the

many complaints recieved by the community and Universal Properties about bad language and disgusting behaviour etc.

The up to date situation is that  last week the tennants left the pool bar (in a filthy and disgusting state, inside and out I might

add )  However this does resolve that particular problem and I have spoken to the owner to emphasise that the community

would like to have  a FAMILY friendly  pool bar and for the new tennants to be successful and part of the Heights community.


The proposal to ban dogs from the lifts was not voted on at the A.G.M for legal reasons.

It is clear that dogs and cats are seen as a big problem on the Heights and so we will write to every apartment that has a

dog(that we know of) and impress on them that they should be responsible dog owners ie, that they do not allow their dog to

urinate or foul on community property and if they do have an accident they clear it up immeadiately and don´t leave it for the

cleaners, not to allow them to bark constantly and always to have them on a lead. We will also ask owners who rent their

apartments to have a no pets clause in the contract.

If a dog is a nuisance to the community ie fouling or barking we will denounce both tennant and owner if necessary.


This year we intend to carry on with maintenance and gardens and enhancement of the pool area although we have no major

works planned.

Also community fees have remained the same again this year.

I would like to thank you all for your support over the years and we will do our  best to carry on trying to make the Heights a

pleasant place to live.


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