JULY 2014

Last Updated on Saturday, 9 August 2014 05:48 Written by Paul Tassell Saturday, 9 August 2014 05:48

July has been a hot month but unusually there has been a lot of cloud about which the sun has managed to burn off later in the day.

There have been more people about on the complex as most schools in Europe are now well into summer holidays.
The complex is quite calm at the moment and the night guard has also had fewer problems for the time of year, lets hope the trend continues.

The order for the new fencing around the front of the complex has been placed, it will be in runs of approximately 2 metres, with vertical rungs pointing through an arched top, these will be stronger and more cosmetically pleasing. It will be painted in the dark red of the complex.
Work will start as soon as we receive the required licence, probably in mid September. This will tie in with the front gates being locked at night, probably in October.
Each owner will receive 2 security keys, but I will give more information about this nearer to the time.

Look forward to seeing you all in the near future

JUNE 2014

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 July 2014 04:08 Written by Paul Tassell Saturday, 12 July 2014 04:08

June was fairly quiet on The Heights. The weather has been very good and looks set to stay.
The complex is busier now as the Spanish and Scottish schools have broken up
for the long holidays and we have a lot of families on their summer break.

If you are visiting with your family this summer please remember to respect
some basic rules of the complex as it is a residential complex and a lot of
owners have to go to work early in the morning.

The main problems each year are:
Children running about on the solarium after 9pm unsupervised and making a noise, and mess.
Please do not allow your children to drop litter and leave cans on the walls
of the complex.
Inflatables are not allowed in the pool area due to health and safety regulations under our pool
licence only small swimming aids for non swimmers are permitted. If you arrive with anything
else you will be asked to remove it from the pool area.

On previous occasions people have been propping open the gates around the pool
with beer mats, this is very dangerous as small children can access the pool
area unseen and possibly drown.
Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an Adult at all times in the pool area.

Please respect these simple regulations and everybody will have a good time at
The Heights this summer.

We again ask owners if you are letting your apartment on a long term contract
please put in a no pets clause, this month we have had a few apartments change
hands and the new tenants have dogs.

We have been asked to check the law on dogs. All dogs should have insurance, be registered,
chipped and have the relevant vet reports.
Large dogs must be muzzled on and off the complex in public areas.
and ALL dogs must be on a lead at all times on the complex including the garage area.

Toni and Jo are now settling into the pool bar and getting ready for the summer rush and
are getting to know many owners we wish them luck.


Last Updated on Monday, 2 June 2014 07:51 Written by Paul Tassell Monday, 2 June 2014 07:51

After a busy month with community work (AGM ETC) it has now settled down to a quiet time at The Heights.

The weather is good again with some quite impressive temperatures some days, they still catch people out
and you see them walking about sunburnt, don’t forget even if there is some cloud about you will still get burnt.

The AGM went well and the committee stands the same as last year. We discussed replacing the fences at the front
of the complex and we have the go ahead to do it but we are still taking more estimates before we decide who will
carry out the work.
Some tiling work is being carried out at the moment on block B level 5 to stop further water leaks
into level 4, also on B1 on the bend of the tarmac road is being repaired.
At the main entrance we are relaying the pedestrian entrance to allow better wheelchair and pram access, the entrance will still be steep but at least they will not have to negotiate a step.

As previously agreed any debtor to the community owing more than 500 euros will be taken to court to recover the debt,
if you owe this amount or more you have been warned.

We have been asked by some Belgium owners if we could get any Flemish stations on our TV system, we are looking into
this now and should have some news soon.

The Pool Bar. Its the end of an era as Mick and Pat retire, they will be missed by many and I want to wish
them all the best in their retirement.
Their successors are Toni and Jo who take over today and I wish them the best of luck and hope they enjoy our complex and hope we can work together as we did with Mick and Pat.

I look forward to seeing you all in the next few months.

Toni and Jo with Mick and Pat

Toni and Jo with
Mick and Pat



Last Updated on Thursday, 1 May 2014 12:15 Written by Paul Tassell Thursday, 1 May 2014 12:15

The weather has settled down nicely now and we are enjoying clear hot days and the nights are warmer.

As you all know it is time for our AGM on the 16th of May. We welcome all of you who can attend but if not please send your proxy either to us or Universal Properties asap.
Our finances are much better now and we are looking at more improvements especially to fencing and the gardens. We will have some ideas of costs at the meeting.

It is very quiet on the complex at the moment after the Easter break.
Lorry and Denise laid on an Easter egg hunt for the children on Easter Sunday and it was well attended by both resident and holidaying children and everybody seemed to have fun.
Hopefully we will see you all soon.

MARCH 2014

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 04:29 Written by Paul Tassell Friday, 11 April 2014 04:29

Although the weather continues to improve it was apparently the coldest March for a few years.

We have had some maintenance work carried out around the pool area and on the roofs of B and C blocks. José has been painting and repairing parts of the complex that suffered damage from the storms in December, this work will be on going for some time.

We have planted lots of colourful bedding plants around the solarium and pool area and as many owners have commented it´s looking very pretty. We will be planting more around the complex in the coming weeks.

We are now into a new financial year and as finances are better we are going to start replacing the fire hose boxes, probably with plastic ones, the worst ones will be replaced first.

We had looked at the possibility of changing the front entrance but have not come up with a better alternative as we must have vehicular access for emergency vehicles, we are getting quotes to replace the front fencing.

We are also looking at the pool area fencing with a view to improved safety and appearance.
We must ask people to stop propping the gate open as it allows unattended small children into the pool area and the possibility of falling into the pool (as happened last week whilst the mother was sat at the pool bar) the other danger is to small children´s fingers from the heavy gates.

Notifications for the A.G.M will be going out later this week once the completed accounts are back.
If you are not attending the meeting please get your proxy forms back to us as soon as possible.
For those that are attending it will be held at “Don Quijote Restaurante” on 16th May at 4pm
Hope to see you there

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