September 2017

Last Updated on Monday, 2 October 2017 10:04 Written by Paul Tassell Monday, 2 October 2017 10:04

The weather in September carried on similar to august very hot but with many calimas.

We did have a couple of overcast days which were quite welcome at least for those of us that live here.

POOL BAR  we met the new tennant of the pool bar and they seem to have good ideas for it and most importantly they are very experienced in the trade both in the UK and on mainland spain, they tell me that they hope to open as early as the begining of Novembe l feel that we can work with them and hope they make a great success of there new business.they will be renting the area in front of the bar from the community and so now this seems to be sorted we can carry on with replacing the pool fence with glass as agreed at the agm .

Holidays  Jose and Matilda are back from there vacation now and we are back to normal and jose will be concentrating on maintenance around the complex ie socolos and broken tiles, lamps and carry on painting the fire hose cases and pipes.

I hope to see you all in tenerife soon and I hope the recent turmoil in flights ie ryanair and then the colapse of Monarch airlines today, doesnt put you off  coming out for your usual holidays in the sun .


August 2017

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 September 2017 05:04 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 17 September 2017 05:04

The weather in August has been fantastic with everyone getting very tanned, there were a few calimas but in the main it was sunny.

On the whole the month passed with only a few problems compared to previous peak times and the many owners and their friends that were here seemed to enjoy it.

There is now some good news on the horizon as regards the pool bar, it has now been let and the new tenant hopes to open at the beginning of November barring any hitches. I will give you more information as I receive it.

We have always had complaints about dogs in lifts as regard to the smell, and dogs urinating in the lifts. In August we had another incident of a dog fouling in the lift.                                                                                                                                                         The decision was taken to put no dogs signs in the lifts, as expected there were two different reactions, the majority were pleased, some were not.                                                                                                                                                                                   There are good dog owners on the complex and most of the problems come from tenants with dogs rather than owners. It is hoped that when future tennants see these signs they will decide not to move to the Heights with their dogs.                                   It is at this point I ask yet again if you rent your apartment long term please have a no pets clause in the contract. The signs were immeadiately covered with alternative signs by some small minded person but we removed them.

We have a few apartments that are growing their own cannabis plants, which has resulted in a lot of complaints. Over the last 3 months we have had a lot of complaints about one apartment in particular on D3 and we have been in touch on numerous occasions with the owner, as they have not responded too us we do not know what, if any action is being taken with the tennant. We have now informed him that we will denounce him and his tennant if action isn´t taken as the smell from the plants is extremely offensive to the surrounding apartments.

In August there was a situation with somebody becoming very aggressive towards our night guard, this has happened before with the same person (who is not an owner) and again I complained to the owner of the apartment he was staying in, and explained again that these type of people are not welcome on our complex.                                                                                             Owners or people acting as  agents for owners are responsible for the behavhiour of people using their apartments, and if somebody has been a problem they should not be able to return to cause more problems in the future.


JULY 2017

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 August 2017 04:03 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 13 August 2017 04:03

July has flown by, the weather as to be expected very warm. In the high thirties a lot of the month, mainly thanks to a few calimas.

The complex is busy with owners out for the summer holidays, and august looks set to be a busy month as well.

There will be no committee meetings through August but they will resume again in September.

We wish all of you a good summer



JUNE 2017

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 July 2017 04:06 Written by Paul Tassell Thursday, 13 July 2017 04:06

June has been and gone, this year is flying by. The weather was very good, a lot of very hot days but a few calimas about that kept the heat in.

We have applied for the licences that are needed to carry out the improvement work on the fencing. This was agreed at the AGM in May, and work will start as soon as we have them.

I was very optomistic that a new tennant had been found for the pool bar but it seems to have gone very quiet again now and it looks like we are going to go through another summer without the bar.

We have again had trouble in the pool area with people bringing large inflatables down to the pool area.                                      The Heights is a residencial complex and as such has a pool licence. This means as there is no lifeguard there is a fenced area around the pool, with a gate which must remain locked. This is to prevent small children being in the pool area without an adult. SMALL swimming aids are allowed for non swimmers, but large inflatables including lilos and large rings are not. Most owners and tennants know these rules by now and are quite within their rights to ask people they see breaking the rules to stop.  These are conditions of our licence as well as being a common sense safety matter and should not be such a problem after all these years.

We have a few apartments with owners who think they can let their apartments to anybody they like and wash their hands of them when their tennants are a total nuisance to the complex. On 2 occasions recently the police were called to an apartment on D1 because of  unruly tennants and when I spoke to the owner he was of the opinion that, he was not here so it is not his problem, I informed him that any owner letting a property long or short term is responsible for their tennants actions and if repeated they would be denounced.

August is nearly here and we look forward to seeing all our regular owners who spend the summer with us and hope for a happy safe amd warm summer at The Heights.

MAY 2017

Last Updated on Sunday, 11 June 2017 11:42 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 11 June 2017 11:42

May was very warm, although some days were a little overcast but on the whole it looks like summer is on its way.

By now most of you should have received the minutes of the A.G.M. It was a well attended meeting, where future expenditure for different projects was discussed and decided.

A decalcification system for the Heights, to reduce the amount of calcium was discussed, the cost of installation is very high, more than thirty thousand euros, and the running costs were also high, a lot of people are in favour of the idea in general and so it was decided to try and source cheaper options to bring to the next A.G.M

It was agreed to replace the fencing up both sides of the complex, similar to the fencing at the front, the current fencing has been damaged and cut in various places which has been used for access creating a security risk.

The fencing around the pool will also be replaced with glass and stainless steel which wil eliminate the need for frequent repainting as at the moment. This will be done when we know the position with the pool bar. Once new tennants have been found, we hope we will be able to  work with them to ensure that they adhere to the rules of the complex, that we have a nice family/community bar and they have a successful business.

There was a proposal to change the date of the meeting, this is a tricky one as there is never a time when all owners are present. Many owners have booked their holidays here around the May meeting and perhaps would not find it easy to come at another time, many owners are happy to use their proxy, some of the owners who live here full time do not come to the meeting and some owners have said they would only go to a meeting if they were really concerned about something, some people have said they don´t come because they are happy with the way the complex is run. So it is a very mixed bag but a vote was taken and the meeting remains the third friday in May.

Dogs and cats were again a sore subject and something people feel strongly about. We have repetdly asked people if they let apartments to have a no pets clause. We have on 3 seperate occasions in the last few months informed owners that their tennants dogs were a nuisance and because they have a no pets clause the tennants were given notice and left the complex. We are unable to try and resolve any dog/cat problem if we do not know where the animal originates from. Animals will always be a problem for us and all the other complexes as we cannot ban them (as some people think). If you see a dog off a lead, or fouling on the complex as an owner you can complain to them, or if you know definately the apartment number come to us. We do have good dog owners on the complex but dog owners who do not respect the rules of the complex are showing a complete lack of respect for the committee and every other owner and if they do not like our rules we would be happy to see them move off!!

There were some complaints made about general cleaning of walkways, lifts and garage spaces being used for storage, we don´t accept all the comments never the less we will look into these matters again.

A statemment was made by an owner that this committee waste all the money on big ideas but I can assure you that these are ideas proposed by owners some of which were agreed at the meeting some of which were not. This owner also told the meeting that he represents a lot of discontented owners if this is the case then these owners should come to our fornightly meetings so we can try and resolve there concerns. The AGM is for discussions and decisions affecting the whole community, the fortnightly meetings are for individual issues which can be dealt with were possible there and then.We know there are a few problems but we try to address them as quickly as we can.

I would also like to add that under this committee communnity fees have not been increased for the past 9 years and that everything has been done within budget, property values are at an all time high and many owners of all nationalities are telling us how very satisfied they are with the running of the complex.

This is a longer blog than normal butI feel it is important to get some of these points across and finally a big thank you to all the owners who have supported us over the years



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