APRIL 2018

Last Updated on Tuesday, 8 May 2018 05:36 Written by Paul Tassell Tuesday, 8 May 2018 05:36

April has still been cold in the evenings, and although Easter was warmer the weather is still changeable as it is in some parts of Europe.

The pool fence is now finished and at long last the side fences are starting to go up the company doing the work have taken their time about it but what has been done looks good.

The A.G.M is almost here (18th May) and all the notifications have gone out and are also posted on the notice boards around the complex. This will be our tenth year of standing and over that time we have managed to carry out many improvements on The Heights, all without needing to raise the community fees.

The same problems still arise, irresponsible dog and cat owners refusing to take responsibility for their pets and noise from people with little or no consideration for their neighbours although the people causing the problems in the majority of cases has changed over the years as people come and go.

If you are not able to attend the A.G.M please send your proxy to Universal or a committee member. If you are in Tenerife please come along to the meeting.  Under the heading of any other business we will only hear questions relevant to an A.G.M and not individual problems that can be dealt with at the Thursday meetings. A big thank you to all owners who keep their community fees up to date this helps with the  budget and helps keep fees down.

I would like to thank you all for your continueing support over the last 12 months


MARCH 2018

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 03:55 Written by Paul Tassell Tuesday, 10 April 2018 03:55

March was a little better with the weather but still a little chilly in the evenings.

The Heights book library, I wish to thank Helen and John from D 3 for their hard work in sorting out our library which over the years has become very overloaded and untidy, they have tidied the books up and disposed of old and duplicated books. Don’t forget if you need a book there are still plenty to choose from, just ask me at the sun beds between 10  and 11 and I will open the door so you can choose there is no charge for this.

The new pool fence has now been completed and many owners have commented on how nice it looks. There is now only one entrance into the pool area which is  adjacent to the toilets. I will also remind all owners that the pool rules are still the same the gate must not be propped open, no inflatables or large rings allowed in pool area only small swimming aids for non swimmers,  and children under 12 must have an adult with them at all times in the pool area.

The pool bar continues to do well and is very popular in the afternoons,  Mike and Clare seem to be settling in well and are popular with the customers. It´s nice for owners to be able to meet up again in their local bar.

A reminder that the A.G.M is 18th May, there is a proposal from owners to be able to gain access and enjoy the gardens on D4 and a separate proposal for a Boule area in these gardens, the proposers are also volunteering to help maintain the area. This would involve the community putting a small access into the garden from D4. You still have time to bring your community fees up to date before the A.G.M to avoid being on the debtors list on the minutes and any court actions and costs.

On a sad note we have to mention that two of our long term owners have recently passed away. Rudy on D4 and Rodney (Rodders) on B3 both lovely gentleman who we will miss,  sincere condolences to both families.




Last Updated on Wednesday, 7 March 2018 03:11 Written by Paul Tassell Wednesday, 7 March 2018 03:11

February 2018

February brought a mixture of weather, we had some sunshine and then the weather turned dull and cold and then along came storm Emma, with the islands on Amber alert and schools and various events cancelled over most of the canary islands, the storm hit with very high winds, high waves and heavy rain. Tenerife and Gran Canaria were hit the worst. We needed the rain but could quite happily have done without the rest and the subsequent damage. Strangely enough there were still areas that had sunshine!

With the high winds that we have been having I want to remind you that if you have blinds please secure them very well and never leave them down when you are leaving Tenerife, the sudden strong gusts of wind damage them very easily and they bang around causing a problem with noise for your neighbours and keeping them awake.

Animals                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yet again I am writing about animals on the complex, DOGS MUST BE ON A LEAD ON THE COMPLEX, unfortunately some people do not think the rules apply to them. If your dog is on a lead it should be easier for you to stop your dog urinating/defecating on the complex.  Also dogs down on the pool level are prohibited on health grounds, this is not new it has always been this way, unfortunately we have an owner on C block who does not think this should apply to her, she has been told several times and is still ignoring this health and safety ruling. I have spoken to the bar and they are working with us to enforce it. I have been told of an apartment on D block that has 3 cats these also cause us as many problems, urinating and defecating on walkways and spraying doors on. If you are letting your apartment PLEASE have a no pets clause in the contract.

The swimming pool area will be closed 12th to 16th March to have the pool fence replaced by a new glass fence, closure will be unavoidable while the work is being done but the result will be worth it. This does not affect the running of the pool bar as it will still be accessible during the work.

March 31st is the end of our financial year and I would urge you all to bring your community fees up to date before then to avoid the legal fees when we start to chase the larger debtors. As a whole most owners are very good at paying which helps with the smooth running of the complex

It is carnival time in Los Cristianos (1st to 12th March) there are various events happening every day all over the town. The main parade is on Sunday 11th leaving from Paloma beach at 4pm, this is a lovely time of year so get involved maybe even put on fancy dress.



Last Updated on Saturday, 10 February 2018 09:20 Written by Paul Tassell Saturday, 10 February 2018 09:20

January was kind to us weather wise but very chilly in the evenings, the breeze coming off the snow covered mountain.

at the end of the month the roads up Teide were closed to general traffic after some keen snow worshipers got stuck with there cars.

The pool bar is getting established now and a greater number of people seem to be using it during the day as it is closing at 7 pm at the moment, we wish Mike and Clare good luck in this venture.

Its carnival time in Santa Cruz now, this is a massive carnival and everybody lets there hair down, at this time of year you see all sorts of fancy dressed people waiting at bus stops to go to the capital.

The carnival in los Cristianos follows a few weeks later at the beginning of March.

On a sad note, We wish to send our condolences to the family of Etiene from B506 who passed away suddenly early in January

and also our thanks to Steve and Jaquie who helped his wife after he passed away until her daughter arrived in Tenerife.

Etiene was a very nice person always chatty and helpful he will be missed by all.

We hope to see you all at The Heights soon.



Last Updated on Thursday, 11 January 2018 05:23 Written by Paul Tassell Thursday, 11 January 2018 05:19

Happy New Year

It has been a great Christmas and New Year at the Heights, it was just like old times with the pool bar open again and people enjoying not just the weather, which has been beautiful, but meeting up with friends to have a seasonal drink.

The new year has passed with very few incidents however there has been one which I must draw peoples attention too.     There were two ladies in the lift and a man wanted to get in with his dog but the ladies did not want the dog in the lift with them, the man pushed past them into the lift and intimidated them all the way down. This obviously frightened the ladies. There are numerous reasons why people may not want to travel with a dog in the lift for example they may be frightened of dogs or they may be allergic too them so if somebody is waiting before you for the lift or is already in the lift and they make it clear they do not want the dog in there you must respect their wishes and wait for the lift to come back.

Hopefully now the new year is here we will be able to get on with replacing the green fencing up both sides of the complex and around the pool area. Meanwhile José is busy repairing drain covers and walls and repainting.


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