April 2016

Last Updated on Wednesday, 4 May 2016 05:20 Written by Paul Tassell Wednesday, 4 May 2016 05:20

April was very warm but a little cloudy some days, but the nights have warmed up now as well.


AGM   Its that time again and the notices have been sent out for our meeting on 20 May 2016 at 4 pm.

Hopefuly most of you will have received your notices by e-mail as we have most of our owners addresses


The accounts are looking quite healthy considering the major works carried out in this financial year,

i.e pool tiling, gardens and gate locks etc.  We have again worked well within our budget and yet again

we will not be raising the community fees, this is the 6th year with no increase.


Dogs are still causing big problems on the complex, or should I say there irresponsible owners.

We are still getting dog owners allowing their dogs to foul on the complex and unbelievably on the new

gardens that we have paid a lot of money for.  I ask for your help in identifying these owners so we can

denounce them and eventualy have them removed from our complex, also if you are an owner and

are long letting your apartment, you can help by not allowing dogs for your tennants . I do understand

that there are many good dog owners but the bad ones make it bad for everyone.


I look forward to seeing  you at the AGM if you can attend, if not please send in your proxy votes .

I wish to thank the staff and fellow commitee members for their hard work during the year.

Thanks  Paul


MARCH 2016

Last Updated on Friday, 8 April 2016 04:52 Written by Paul Tassell Friday, 8 April 2016 04:52

March has just flown by, the weather has been kind to us,  warm with a little cloud  some days  but generally good ,

The complex has been a little busier over the easter period but is getting quieter now.

The gardens at both ends of blocks B and C are now finished and we are waiting for quotes now for block D, hopefully this will be done very soon.

AGM  The AGM is only a matter of weeks away 20/05/2016  the notices will go out as soon as the accounts are ready, hopefully in the next week, for those owners who cannot attend please return your proxy as soon as possible



Last Updated on Saturday, 12 March 2016 09:44 Written by Paul Tassell Saturday, 12 March 2016 09:44

February was warm with a little rain which was quite welcome after such a dry and hot winter, the weather has settled back to normal now but we are getting some cloud in the late mornings.

The gardens at both ends of B and C blocks have all had a total make over and many owners have commented on how nice they are looking.  It was decided to use a crane to lift the earth and picon onto B block to save a lot of time carrying it all up.

We are now urgeing all owners if you witness someone allowing their dog to foul the gardens please ask them to stop and if you know the apartment number inform a member of the committee and we will follow it up.  Since the gardens have been done we have already had two incidents of this nature and we have contacted the apartments concerned.

Most people are now used to the gate being locked, but there are a persistent few who are using the buzzer for the bar instead of their key, the buzzer is for bar customers and bar deliveries only. If you have somebody visisting or have a delivery of any type it is your responsibility to meet them for access to the complex in order to keep the complex as secure as possible.

The A.G.M (20th May) is fast approaching and the accounts are looking quite healthy but we still work hard to reduce the debts. Please make sure your community fes are up to date before March 31st to avoid being on the debtors list and court action.

If you will not be at the A.G.M please take steps to return your proxy as soon as you receive them thank you.



Last Updated on Sunday, 14 February 2016 12:48 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 14 February 2016 12:48

The beautiful weather continues here in Tenerife and we are being told that it is the warmest and driest winter for more than forty years.  I shouldn´t really say this but we could do with a little bit of rain.

The complex is ticking over quite smoothly at the moment and people are becoming accoustomed to the gates being locked. Letter boxes being overloaded with junk mail has not been eradicatd completely but it has certainly been cut down quite significantly, and it is now more difficult for people who shouldn´t be on the complex to gain access.

We are now concentrating on the gardens at both ends of the complex and hopefully work will commence in February

I wish to congratulate Yanira, who as you know has been one of our cleaners for many years, on her good news that she is expecting a baby in June.  Also congratulations to Matilda and José who will become grandparents.

We finish on a very sad note and inform you that John Johnson of B406 passed away suddenly in January, and we pass on our condolences to Linda and family at this very sad time.  Although John was a private person he was known by many owners who will remember that he always had a good story to tell. He will be missed



Last Updated on Sunday, 3 January 2016 01:36 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 3 January 2016 01:36

December was quiet on The Heights up until Christmas but has been busy since. The new year was excellent as usual in Tenerife, lots of partying and great firework displays that just seem to get bigger each new year. Everyone I have spoken to has had a good time.

The weather has been the best I can remember it ever being over Christmas  and it is still continuing with high temperatures and sunshine every day.

We have had very few noise complaints over the holiday period which I am happy about and hopefully this will continue into the new year, it makes a much nicer  complex for everyone.

We still have problems with dogs and one in paticular on C1 where the owner allows the dog to urinate on the community areas resulting in our cleaning staff to deal with it, this is unacceptable and we intend to take action to try and remedy this problem.

Another complaint I have recieved from a number of owners, is that over the holiday periods certain people, many of who are owners, totally ignore the pool rules and many of the community rules. Every holiday period I am talking to people about inflatables in the pool, blocking open the gates to the pool with beer mats from the bar and towels over the balcony. I seem unable to make these people understand that the first two are safety conditions of our pool licence, which we have to have because we are a residential complex.  Our pool licence could be taken away from us  any time the authorities find these failures in safety, which would mean the pool being closed. This would be unfair to the 99.9% of owners who do adhere to the terms of our licence. If you see somebody breaking these rules, you as an owner are within your rights to remonstrate with them.

Work will start this next week on a drainage problem on block D, hopefully the work will not be too disruptive  and the noise will be kept to a minimum.

People are now getting used to the complex being locked and it has been favourably commented on by many owners. There are still 9 owners who have not yet collected keys.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy new year and look forward to seeing you soon.


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