MARCH 2014

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 04:29 Written by Paul Tassell Friday, 11 April 2014 04:29

Although the weather continues to improve it was apparently the coldest March for a few years.

We have had some maintenance work carried out around the pool area and on the roofs of B and C blocks. José has been painting and repairing parts of the complex that suffered damage from the storms in December, this work will be on going for some time.

We have planted lots of colourful bedding plants around the solarium and pool area and as many owners have commented it´s looking very pretty. We will be planting more around the complex in the coming weeks.

We are now into a new financial year and as finances are better we are going to start replacing the fire hose boxes, probably with plastic ones, the worst ones will be replaced first.

We had looked at the possibility of changing the front entrance but have not come up with a better alternative as we must have vehicular access for emergency vehicles, we are getting quotes to replace the front fencing.

We are also looking at the pool area fencing with a view to improved safety and appearance.
We must ask people to stop propping the gate open as it allows unattended small children into the pool area and the possibility of falling into the pool (as happened last week whilst the mother was sat at the pool bar) the other danger is to small children´s fingers from the heavy gates.

Notifications for the A.G.M will be going out later this week once the completed accounts are back.
If you are not attending the meeting please get your proxy forms back to us as soon as possible.
For those that are attending it will be held at “Don Quijote Restaurante” on 16th May at 4pm
Hope to see you there


Last Updated on Sunday, 9 March 2014 01:58 Written by Paul Tassell Sunday, 9 March 2014 01:58

The weather in February has been warm with just the odd cloudy day, so still shorts and T shirts weather.

Water damage: Our insurance assessors finally arrived to assess the damage caused by the storms in December, we are now waiting for their reports to see what they will pay for and what the community has to pay for.
We recently had an emergency water leak on C5, unfortunately the apartment the leak was coming from were not helpful in allowing workman access to the apartment at the times we needed, as it happened we were able to access the leak from the apartment below which could of made the job more difficult for the workmen, in cases like this we may have to resort to turning water off to the apartment the leak is coming from.
It is also helpful for these type of situations if the committee know of a key holder if your apartment is not occupied all the time.

A reminder that 31st March is the end of our financial year and therefore to avoid legal action being taken against you and your name appearing on the debtors list that will be sent out with the convening notices for the A:G:M all community fees must be fully up to date.

Bernie Bucket: This amazing lady (often seen dressed in blue with a blue wig and bucket) has been staying on The Heights for the last 3 months and is a regular aqua aerobics participant. She is a full time fundraiser for Cancer Research UK and recently held her annual Tenerife fundraiser at the Sound of Musicals venue, it was a very good night with acts appearing free of charge, and along with the varied raffles well over €4000 was raised. The evening was enjoyed by a large contingent from The Heights as well as other complexes. Bernie does all this despite personal loss and her own problems with cancer. Bernie we salute you and can´t wait for next years event.

The complex is fairly quiet now and this will allow us time to carry out on going maintenance to the complex and also replace the poinsettas with new and colourful bedding plants. This will keep José busy, at the same time I would like to pass on the congratulations I receive from many owners to Matilda, Yanira and José on how clean the complex is kept.

Recently there have been a few problems with unruly neighbours these are mainly through the night although occasionally it has been early evening. If you have a problem after 11pm please call for assistance and somebody will go to the offending apartment and ask them to stop.
Although we have a silence after 11pm rule, it would also be against the rules to disturb neighbours with excessive noise at 9.30 in the evening for example, so we ask everyone to behave in a respectful manner to neighbours.


Last Updated on Saturday, 8 February 2014 03:54 Written by Paul Tassell Saturday, 8 February 2014 03:54

This year seems to be flying by already, the weather has been kinder to us
through January but has still been a little cloudy at times.

We do have some water damage on the complex as a result of the storms although we have not fared as badly as a lot of complexes. We are still waiting for our insurance assessor to come out and tell us what is covered and what is not, but as you can imagine they are very busy and have about a 6 week backlog, as soon as we know how we stand we will commence the repairs.

Television. A few years ago we were told that a new satellite was coming on line and we may lose some channels on the complex. I can now tell you that it is happening this week, so far the BBC channels have been swapped over and although our signal is a little weaker we do still have BBC, but in the next week they will change over the ITV channels and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will also still have that as well.
I am informed that 90% of complexes have lost BBC completely at the moment. However we must wait until the change over is complete and then if we have lost any channels we will look for a solution.

Community fees. Just a little reminder that we are approaching the end of our financial year (31/03/2014) and as agreed at previous AGM´s any apartment owing more than 500 euros will have court action taken against them, this is something we are reluctant to do as it incurs further costs to the owner as interest is automatically charged by the community on all outstanding fees. Please if you are a debtor settle up before the end of March and lets go to the next AGM with an even lower list of debtors. I must congratulate over 90% of owners who do pay on time and who never appear on the debtors list, this helps us to maintain standards and make more improvements on The Heights every year.

Happy New Year

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 January 2014 11:56 Written by Paul Tassell Thursday, 16 January 2014 11:56

Happy New Year to you all.
I spoke a bit too soon when I said the weather had returned to normal as a few days later we had a massive storm lasting a few days. It caused a lot of chaos on the island, so much water came so quickly that rockfalls and mudslides were everywhere.
The road outside the heights was blocked by a mudslide from the mountain and the gardens at the side of the building and diggers had to clear the road.
A heavily pregnant women and her husband were rescued from their car while a further 2 men were also rescued from their van after a huge surge of water from the Valle San Lorenzo tunnel completely submerged the Guaza roundabout and trapped them. Luckily everyone was ok.
The weather is now back to what we would term normal and the complex was hot and sunny for Christmas and New Year much to the enjoyment of the many owners who were here at the time.
Over the next few months it will be necessary to carry out repairs on the areas that have suffered water damage due to the storm, hopefully this will not inconvenience people too much.


Last Updated on Monday, 9 December 2013 09:58 Written by Paul Tassell Monday, 9 December 2013 09:58

New post boxes.Plants for the complex giving the christmas touch Another month passes and indeed another year has almost gone and so quickly.

The weather in November was very mixed and although we still had the heat we had some very much needed rain, the rain was extremely heavy and we also had some storms which brought a lot of chaos and damage across the island, but we hope everything has settled down now although there are gangs of workmen out repairing roads etc.

The Christmas decorations are now up around the complex and we have planted poinsettas around the complex which managed to weather the storms. Which is putting us all in the Christmas mood.

Many of the owners who are out at the moment have agreed with us that the post boxes look 100% better.

As a result of our actions last month, taken after the many complaints we had received regarding barking dogs, we can now report that a tenant has moved off the complex with his 2 dogs.

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support and good wishes

We hope to see many of you here over Christmas and New Year and take this opportunity to wish you all health wealth and happiness.

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